Project Firestorm production is Finished

Hey all, just a quick note to let ya know that the production for Firestorm has been completed, so expect to see some visual effects posts soon! Have a look at Project Firestorm here.

Kind Regards,

BlenderMotion Studios

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First Work Ever

Seeing as we have been so busy with filming Project Firestorm and have not had much time to do any new work with Blender, I thought I’d share some old work I’ve done…like REALLY old! So here’s the first thing I ever made in Blender!

My first work, a "lava lamp'. Wow, very impressive! Not...

My first work, a “lava lamp’. Wow, very impressive! Not…

And here’s a few of my other old project when I was still getting my feet wet.

"Bus in the Night"

“Bus in the Night”



"Light Bulb"

“Light Bulb”

"Motor Boat on 'Water'" Yeah I didn't really think it looked like water either ;)

“Motor Boat on ‘Water'” Yeah I didn’t really think it looked like water either 😉



Out of the first projects I created (in the first month), this was by far my best. "Kitchen Corner' by David Low. Yes a very original name, but I was quite proud of this.

Out of the first projects I created (in the first month), this was by far my best. “Kitchen Corner’ by David Low. Yes a very original name, but I was quite proud of this.

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Project Firestorm: Post-production

Well I’d say it’s about time for an update. Although nothing has been happening on the blog lately, we have been busy with filming all the scenes except for one, and so we have (mostly) moved into post-production.

We will post more information here about the visual effects which will be done in Blender, once we get up to that, the schedule is for a month or so.

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Project Firestorm: Production

After about three months, we’ve finally gotten around to starting the actual filming of Project Firestorm. Production itself will take another couple of weeks, and then moving on to post-production.

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New Project: Project Firestorm

Now that Fishing Reel is out of the way (see here), I have started working on a new project of mine, which I’ve been planning for a few months now. I will update the new blog site regularly with all the latest news. I will also continue to post updates on for major updates.

So far I’ve finally completed the script, so I’m having a short break now, then getting into pre-production. For more info about the movie, check the blog :).

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Fishing Reel: The Making Of

This making of Fishing Reel post should give you an idea of how I finally finished this two-year project. It’s as much for my benefit as anyone’s (so I have a record of it), but you should hopefully find a tip or two as well, especially if you’re interested in making your own short-film.

It all started about two-and-a-quarter years ago. I had an idea for another animated short-film, but I decided to do Fishing Reel first as a test, basically to improve my general Blender skills as well as my film-making skills. This was back when I was 14. I think my original deadline was for two months.

Deadlines are critically important, as well as difficult to judge. It’s taken me almost two years to start giving myself more accurate deadlines, and I still often misjudge them.

If you’ve got any questions about Fishing Reel and how I made it, I’d be glad to try and answer them for you :).

A Fishing Reel Movie Poster, with the words "The Making Of Fishing Reel"

The first thing I started off with was the script. This was originally written by my dad, and you can read the final version here.

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Fishing Reel – A Short Film

So, after two years, many versions of Blender, and a lot of challenges and learning experiences, I am very happy to finally declare Fishing Reel finished!

Making-Of post:

Fishing Reel started as a test idea more than anything, as a way of improving both my Blender skills and film-making skills, but it’s grown from that to be a full short-film in it’s own right, and I’m glad I spent the time to try and bring it to life.

I originally started working on it when I was 14, as you can see from the earlier scenes like the office. This was my very first attempt to animate a character as well, which you can see from how my first attempts on the street (like the walk-cycle) improved dramatically on the bridge scenes (IMHO anyway :)).

So, I hope you like it, and maybe get something out of it. 🙂

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Fishing Reel: Scene 5

After a surprisingly short time, I’ve finished the animation for scene 5, rendered it out, and added the soundtrack. I’m so stoked that the end of this two-year project is finally in sight! I’m not completely happy with the animation, but I think the soundtrack is awesome, so I’m not going to cry. 🙂

The complete final version of Fishing Reel will be finished in a week or two. The ONLY thing left to do is record and add the sound effects.

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Fishing Reel: Scene 5 Lighting

I’ve finally been able to get back into Blender again (yay), and I am in the middle of finishing the animation for scene 5! Once that’s finished (in a matter of days), all I have to do is edit it together with sound effects, add the soundtrack, and this two-year project will finally be complete!

I haven’t had the chance to upload the animations that I’ve completed so far, so instead I’ve put up a picture of scene 5 with the updated lighting for the evening. Changing the lighting was very simple, just a matter of changing the colour of the lights, re-angling them, and adding a sunset picture of the sky in the background.

Bridge set in the evening

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3DS Max Short Film (Cert III project)

Instead of working on my short film, Fishing Reel, I’ve been madly working on a Certificate III course in animation that I’ve been trying to get finished ASAP. As part of the course, I have had to create a couple of short films. To clarify, all work in these clips have been created using 3ds Max. I would have preferred Blender, and I honestly favour the Blender user interface, but 3ds Max was the only software I could use for the course. Now that it’s finished: Blender, here I come! 🙂

Factory Production Line was created in the middle of the course, and was a result of the tutorials throughout the course. Futuristic Pod Race was created at the end of the course, and was mostly designed and created by myself.

Comments, questions, ask them below. 🙂


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