Blender Art

Hey Guys, this post is all about some of the amazing art you can make with Blender. This list is not in an order of best-to-worst or anything.

1. The Blender Gallery

You should check out the official Blender Gallery which has some wonderful pictures of all types of Blender art.

The Blender Foundation has also created some amazing short films using Blender.

2. Elephants Dream.

First off is their initial short film Elephants Dream. You can find more information about it at

Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream.

3. Big Buck Bunny

After Elephants Dream, The Blender Foundation then created their next movie Big Buck Bunny.

It also has it’s own website at This short film is especially great for kids.

Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny.

4. Yo Frankie

After BBB, the Blender Foundation created the computer game Yo Frankie.

Yo Frankie

Yo Frankie.

5. Sintel

And just recently, the Blender Foundation has finished their latest short film Sintel.



Sintel is a 15 minute long epic short film with plenty of action. The Sintel website is at All of the above short films are completely free and open-source.

6. Blender Guru

You can also find more animations made with Blender at Blender Guru‘s website. Blender Guru also has whole bunch of Blender tutorials that are worth watching.

7. CGSociety

If you are wanting to find more art on 3D art in general and not just Blender, you should check out CGSociety‘s Gallery.


I hope you liked all the amazing and wonderful stuff you can create in Blender 🙂

If you know of any Blender art that you think is worth mentioning, please say so in the comments.

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