3DS Max Short Film (Cert III project)

Instead of working on my short film, Fishing Reel, I’ve been madly working on a Certificate III course in animation that I’ve been trying to get finished ASAP. As part of the course, I have had to create a couple of short films. To clarify, all work in these clips have been created using 3ds Max. I would have preferred Blender, and I honestly favour the Blender user interface, but 3ds Max was the only software I could use for the course. Now that it’s finished: Blender, here I come! 🙂

Factory Production Line was created in the middle of the course, and was a result of the tutorials throughout the course. Futuristic Pod Race was created at the end of the course, and was mostly designed and created by myself.

Comments, questions, ask them below. 🙂


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