Fishing Reel – A Short Film

So, after two years, many versions of Blender, and a lot of challenges and learning experiences, I am very happy to finally declare Fishing Reel finished!

Making-Of post:

Fishing Reel started as a test idea more than anything, as a way of improving both my Blender skills and film-making skills, but it’s grown from that to be a full short-film in it’s own right, and I’m glad I spent the time to try and bring it to life.

I originally started working on it when I was 14, as you can see from the earlier scenes like the office. This was my very first attempt to animate a character as well, which you can see from how my first attempts on the street (like the walk-cycle) improved dramatically on the bridge scenes (IMHO anyway :)).

So, I hope you like it, and maybe get something out of it. 🙂

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