Fishing Reel: Scene 2

Well, it’s taken a while, but scene 2 is now finished. Yay! It uses the bridge set, which is the most complicated, so it takes a while to render, but it’s not too bad. I’ve improved the walk cycle and general animation heaps, and it looks far more realistic in general now. The only scene left to do now is scene 5, then it’s off to post-production.

Anyway, here is scene 2. You be the judge as to whether it’s better than any previous scenes so far.

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Fishing Reel: Built Bridge Set

Woohoo! The bridge set should be basically finished now! It’s by far the biggest set in the short film, at over 18,000,000 vertices (using instancing), and here it is…

The bridge set for my short film, Fishing Reel

It 😛

I learned so much from building this set, like how useful UV mapping is, and texture mapping, and baking (AO). This would definitely be my favourite artwork for now.

Check out the thread at for more info.

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Fishing Reel: Second Street Scene

I’ve now basically finished the visuals for the second street scene (scene 3). I still need to touch up a couple of parts, but this is mostly it.

Now that all the shots that use the street scene are finished, the only thing left to do is build the bridge scene, animate and render all of that, and then move on to post-production. Yay! 🙂 Considering that I originally planned to have finished this project in three months, and it’s now been two years, I think it’s time to wrap it up.

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Fishing Reel: Street Scene

The video for Scene One (the first street scene) is now finished! We’ve also basically finished the soundtrack for it, although I still need to add all the sound effects (which will happen after I have finished all the video for the other scenes.

Time to start work on the next scene. 🙂

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Fishing Reel: Update

I have finished the video for both the Drain scene and the underwater scene finished now, and I just need to add the audio, which will happen in post-production. I have also finished animating and rendering the office scenes, so now I need to touch up the street scene, create the bridge scene, and animate both of them. This will be the biggest things to do, but now that the smaller scenes are out of the way, it will be good to get into it.

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Fishing Reel: Underwater Scene

My latest work on Fishing Reel has been to create the underwater set. It is basically finished now, but I still need to do the actual animation for the shot. In this scene, the lure falls down through the water, when a fish swimming along suddenly eats it. The main things that I have worked on in this set was creating the background lights, marine life, and bubbles.

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Update: Fishing Reel

I’ve been working on Fishing Reel again (finally), and I am trying to get it finished in the school holidays, so that I can finally get it done. During this past week, I have been texturing the street scene, and touching up the drain scene a bit. Hope you like it. This coming week, I am planning to start work on a bridge scene, and I will be animating it probably the week after. You can see my previous work on Fishing Reel here.

The Street Scene, with updated textures and lighting.

It looks so much better with all the textures 🙂

If you have any questions or comments/critiques, feel free to comment below.

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Getting Back Into It

Hey all, I have finished most of the busy stuff that I had, and am just wrapping up a few final things, then I will be able to get back into creating art with Blender. I will be getting back into my short film, “Fishing Reel”, as well as numerous other things, and also exploring Blender’s inbuilt video editor/sequencer. I may start posting some tutorials as well. Enjoy!

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Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, I have a lot of stuff going on at the moment, and cannot update my blog regularly. I will be finished midway of July, and will be able to get back into Blender then. Thanks for your understanding, and I apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Check out or for tutorials about Blender, and look at to find more information on the latest happenings with Blender.

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Project: CG Jet

My latest work has been creating a Computer Generated jet for a home movie (it was too expensive to hire a real one). 😉

CG Jet

CG Jet.

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