Happy Anniversary

My latest project was to create a cover for a Happy Anniversary card for my parents. 🙂

Picture Of Two Wedding Rings

Happy Anniversary.

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Project Pergola Is Finished

Creating the Pergola render is now officially finished! I have completed the roof and placed it into a rendered environment.

Pergola in Rendered Environment

Pergola in Rendered Environment.

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New Project: Pergola

Hi guys, this week I’ve started a new project: Modelling a Pergola. I’ve got the “Blueprint” and have started modelling the base. This model will be fairly low quality, but the scale will be accurate.

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Update: Fishing Reel (1st March)

So far in my animation, I have written the script and storyboarded it, and have hopefully finished my first shot, although there is still some controversy about whether to have the introduction before the first shot, or during it. To see the full shot, click here.

Office Scene

Office Scene.

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About this Blog

What is this blog for, you may be wondering? Well, this blog is about what I am doing from day to day with Blender, and I also will publish interesting things about Blender that are related to animating.

I will also post tutorials once in a while based upon what I have been learning in Blender. I may also post links of other tutorials and stuff which are related the animating.

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Blender Art

Hey Guys, this post is all about some of the amazing art you can make with Blender. This list is not in an order of best-to-worst or anything.

1. The Blender Gallery

You should check out the official Blender Gallery which has some wonderful pictures of all types of Blender art.

The Blender Foundation has also created some amazing short films using Blender.

2. Elephants Dream.

First off is their initial short film Elephants Dream. You can find more information about it at http://www.elephantsdream.org/.

Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream.

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